First Lessons in PR So Much Knowledge in Such a Short Span of Time

First Lessons in PR


In my first blog post for my Loyalist PR class, I was assigned the task of highlighting what I’ve learned so far. I can sum it up nicely in a single thought: “I have so much more to learn than I realized.” Despite extensive experience in writing romance, fantasy and most things fiction, I had a previous life of factual writing, presentations and more in my child welfare career of 27 years. I have done power points, info sessions, provided training, program development, implementation, branding and utilized an entire PR-based skill set, but had not received any formal education in doing so.

In my author side of life, I’ve had a crash course in self-promotion, some basic marketing tactics, and tools, and learned as I go with the guidance and support of fellow authors, editors and more. Having secured a positive work relationship with my current publisher, including almost 20 published book titles, it never occurred to me, how spoiled I had become, relying on my editors for content, grammar, and punctuation for a polished presentation. Every published work goes through no less than four grueling rounds of edits, with three different levels of editors: content, senior and line editors, and all cover work are completed by contracted cover artists. Welcome to my crash course of: “What you thought you knew and really don’t.”

At first, my decision to return to a post-grad program for public relations excited me, then, terror set in, later; doubt, then back to excitement, mixed in with a little fear. I’m looking forward to the next 10 academic months and eager to learn and develop new skills that will set me on the course for optimal success in public relations!

As I set aside my prolific writing, feel free to take some time to read, if you’re so inclined. Kali Willows


Happy reading!

Karen Minnis

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