“Man Sells His House to Save His Dog”

What Is News?


What is news? I bet the title grabbed your attention, didn’t it? Of course it did. It’s gripping, unusual and makes the reader eager to know more. News is a broadcast or report of current events or important happenings that appeals to the interest of individuals and groups. This title, for example, is a human interest topic, because such a large portion of society loves their fur babies, just as much as parents love their children. It has an emotional draw that elicits sympathy for many. Selling a house to save his dog, is dramatic and extreme, but it also appeals to a vast array of audience for different reasons.

Some would find it newsworthy, because it might seem bizarre to them, to give up their home for a dog. For others, it would draw them in, because their own relationship and love of animals might just elicit a similar, desperate response. The title alone would draw the audience in, eager to know what prompted the need to sell the house? Why was the dog’s life in danger? Was he sick or injured? Did someone hurt him? We can define what news is, in approximately eight categories: Immediacy, Proximity, Prominence, Oddity, Conflict, Suspense, Emotions, and Consequence.

News is typically delivered in a story-telling manner that appeals to, and draws in the audience interest for one, or a combination of the aforementioned elements. It is presented in print, newspaper, television, radio, websites and other forms of social media. It is essentially delivered by any channel of relaying information to the masses. Some events for the audience is similar to the impact of passing a horrific car accident. Rubberneckers can’t help but turn around and stare at the collateral damage. It doesn’t please or appeal to them, however, it’s too terrible to ignore, and we are hardwired with a morbid curiosity that is difficult to detach from.

On that pleasant note, I’m off to watch the 12:00 news on CP24 to get informed on what travesties or, hopefully, what happy human interest stories are being broadcast today.

~Stay true to yourself, stay true to your brand.~

Karen Minnis

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