Personal Branding

Defining My Professesional Purpose


This week, we took a deeper look at personal and professional branding and were assigned the mind-blowing task of defining our professional mission, vision and values. The assignment seems simple enough, doesn’t it? To make it meaningful, impactful and succinct is an entirely different experience, one that I readily admit, takes longer than this writer expected. Why? Because narrowing down 3-5 meaningful words to define my professional aspirations is near-impossible. My personal brand, and my aspiring business brand, I truly believe are one-in-the-same.

Just when I thought I had them nailed down, I went to sleep and dreamt about my chosen words, with the intention of arriving to campus early this morning and uploading this week’s blog assignment. Upon waking, it became clear to me, I wasn’t finished after all. Enterprising was the one  value I initially felt strongest about. This morning, I awoke with another one flashing in my brain that has been so engrained in every fiber of my being, I completely overlooked it: inspirational. At this point, I’ve come to accept that I can type out my statements with a semblance of belief that it perfectly captures my professional ambitions. Perhaps down the road, it may alter, depending on what course life takes me through.

After much deliberation, I have created my personal/professional branding statements:

  • Values: The values that drive me are: inspiration, integrity, creativity, enterprise and innovation.

  • Mission: To utilize storytelling through books and film as a vessel to inspire, educate and entertain people.

  • Vision: To evoke emotion, educate and heal society as a whole, through the use of cutting-edge entertainment.

 As far as my professional branding statements, I’ve implementing them, although undefined until now, through my published works for years. If you feel inspired to explore, take a look at my books to see what moves you!

Kali Willows’ Books

~Stay true to yourself, stay true to your brand.~

Karen Minnis

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